The Kanban Dragons Group

“In our factories, we create flexibility by paying more to workers who can work at more stations on a production line. We value flexibility, and we pay for it. In contrast, most product development organizations exclusively reward specialization.”

― Donald G. Reinertsen, The Principles of Product Development Flow: Second Generation Lean Product Development


Nowadays every company is an IT company.

Each company has its own culture, behaviours, processes and something that we’d like to call a spirit. Our mission is to assist you with designing and improving your processes. This will help you to benefit from achieving your business objectives more effectively. Fast-paced environment in which we’re trying to operate and stay competetive is very challenging. Being able to quickly respond to change is crucial. Globally, Kanban has been a great way to address those challenges.

We belive that while implementing the Kanban Method you embed continuous learning and continuous improvement concepts into your organization DNA. We would like to share with you our experience and observations while implementing Kanban.

–Kanban Dragons Team

Anna Radzikowska, CEO

Kanban & Lean acolyte and practitioner with a life goal to release people’s awesomeness.

Travelling for 12 years in the grey zone between projects and finance management. Hoping to find workflow solutions fitting and satysfying not only IT managers but also finance folks.


Katarzyna Czekaj, CEO

Agile coach, trainer and coach. Kanban advocate who believes in evolutionary change and fit-for-purpose organizations.

However, her journey started as a software developer. After a few years she moved into a Scrum Master role and currently holds an Agile Coach role. Apart from this she is a certified coach (ICF standards) where her mission is to support IT Leaders.


Magdalena Michałek,
Creative designer

Magda has a passion for creative design, photography and marketing. Sometimes she create websites, posters, presentations and marketing materials. Sometimes she take camera, she love the way a photo could capture a moment… before it was gone.

Last but not least, just be creative. Think on the wild side of the box, and approach your work like it’s a project for a high paying client